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The Excellence in Economic Education (EEE) program was not included in the FY2012 budget. The Council for Economic Education has reached out directly to Secretary Arne Duncan to request that the Department of Education continue to support this important program in 2012-2013 through discretionary funds. As an educator, your support for this request would be well received by the Department of Education.

Complete this form by March 19 and your name will be added to the letter we will send to Secretary Duncan.

With modest federal funding, EEE promotes economic and financial literacy for K-12 students throughout the country. Three quarters of the funding for EEE has been allocated to support programs carried out at the local and state level. These programs have reached thousands of teachers through participation in a workshop or other activity, receipt of instructional materials, and introduction to best practices in economic, personal finance, and entrepreneurship education. Results of local testing of both teachers and students have indicated that programs supported by EEE have brought about increases in teacher knowledge and student learning. In addition, the EEE has supported important research in economics and personal finance that would otherwise not have been conducted.

Thank you for your support.


CEE has reached out directly to Secretary Duncan to request that the DOE continue to support this important program.

We received a wonderful response in support of the letter to Secretary Duncan. Here is a copy of the letter including all of its supporters.

Thank you.

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  • The misappropriation of funds with the government needs to be met with and the budgeting/forcasting and allocations to be re-evaluated. It seems to many are more worried about the money than the eduction. Allocation for grants is not available with in the government systems. Saying a grant is available for sports, what are the education and grade levels? Do you expect students to be able to attend college on academic levels in sports? Do you expect children to make Phi Kappa Phi when there is no money in the education systems. What happened to the morals, standards, and virtues within the eductional systems?

    POSTED: March 28, 2012 | BY: "Ladyrose"

  • Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word and build support for continued EEE funding! We included the names of nearly 400 supporters with our letter to Secretary Duncan. We will post a copy of the letter soon and keep everyone updated on progress.

    POSTED: March 30, 2012 | BY: Mary Blanusa


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