CEE Announces Winners of Student Video Contest

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CEE asked our nation’s K-12 students for their best advice to the next President in our video contest “What should the next President do to improve the economy?”

We received hundreds of videos from across the country, and posted them on our Facebook page for our fans to vote for their favorite.

Congratulations to the Popular Vote Winner:

School: Bergen County Technical High School, Teterboro, NJ
Teacher: Bruce Miller


bergen county tech hs CEE Announces Winners of Student Video Contest

CEE’s panel of esteemed economists chose their favorite videos, and we have three winners.

Congratulations to our Economists’ Choice Winners:

School: East Coweta High School, Sharpsburg, GA
Teacher: Cynthia C. Bennett

East Coweta High School CEE Announces Winners of Student Video Contest

School: Colts Neck High School, Colts Neck, NJ
Teacher: Lana Inacio

Colts Neck High School CEE Announces Winners of Student Video Contest

School: North Caroline High School, Ridgely, MD
Teacher: Suzanne Throckmorton

North Caroline High School CEE Announces Winners of Student Video Contest

Thanks to all of the students, teachers, parents and friends who created videos, entered the contest and supported your favorite ideas. You can view all of the video submissions here.

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  • Our class was really rooting for the 2nd graders from Myrtle Beach. How about a honorable mention for them, CEE?

    POSTED: October 25, 2012 | BY: Teacher in NC

  • Congrats to all who submitted– nice work! A special local shout-out goes to North Caroline High School– we face special challenges in our small, rural community given that our job opportunities and resources are more limited than those of our more urban neighbors. Your ideas for tweaking the high school structure are valuable ones– and they’d better prepare our youth for work in terms of confidence, marketability, and overall skills required for independent living! Great work :-)
    -Crystal (Your local U of MD community educator through Extension– and also a Caroline County resident and NCHS grad!)

    POSTED: November 7, 2012 | BY: Crystal Terhune, University of Maryland Extension Educator

  • I watched the first video. My impression is that the “winners” are simply the teams who were able to “regurgitate” president Obama’s plan. By choosing those videos you are not rewarding creativity and original thinking or critical thinking….you are rewarding them for it. In fact, the first video seemed to me like the kid was being sarcastic and spoofing the president. Do they really believe that? Or did they intuit that if they told what they thought you would want to hear so they could win?

    POSTED: November 9, 2012 | BY: Jason

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