2013 Accomplishments

CEE had many notable achievements last year. We’ve shared selected accomplishments below that demonstrate our reach and impact across the country.

  • 1.2 million Visitors accessed lesson plans and other resources through EconEdLink.org
  • Expanded CEE Program for Hispanic Students and their Families by training over 900 teachers at schools across the country with more than 2,500 parents participating.
  • Extended our reach through University-based centers NYC Center by training over 2,300 teachers.
  • Demonstrated impact of Learning, Earning and Investing (LEI) in pre/post-test learning assessment as students who were taught by teachers using LEI increased their knowledge nearly twice as much as students who did not.
  • Started Young Executive Council to engage young executives as champions of CEE through fundraising and volunteering initiatives
  • Launched an interactive tool to help teachers identify and integrate CEE resources with Common Core requirements.
  • Created new channel partnerships to extend our reach with the National Academy Foundation, Families in Schools, the National Council of Teachers of Math, and the National Education Association.
  • Increased the reach and impact of Gen i Revolution: launched two mini-games; all games available for tablet and desktop play; registration up over 25% over prior school year
  • Supported bills in the U.S. House and helped Alabama and Florida to pass Financial Literacy course requirements.


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