Hear from the Kids

Students get engaged in the real world at an early age, and these lessons influence them for the rest of their lives. Here’s what they say about CEE programs.

Christian Ackmann 218x300 Hear from the Kids

“As a freshman in college, I am very thankful for the financial literacy I gained through my high school personal finance education. Basic training in personal finance will allow students to avoid these common mistakes and become more financially independent in college and throughout life.”

Christian Ackmann
freshman at Brown University and
2012 National Personal Finance Challenge winner

Election Video Contest: ‘What Should the Next President Do to Improve the Economy?’

Leading up to the Presidential election in 2012, CEE asked our nation’s K-12 students for their best advice in our video contest “What should the next President do to improve the economy?” We received hundreds of videos from across the country, and posted them on our Facebook page for our fans to vote for their favorite.

Watch the mash up below of some of our favorite entries. The Economists’ Choice and Popular Vote winners can be seen here.

video contest mashup Hear from the Kids

National Economics Challenge

More than 5,600 high school students annually enter our National Economics Challenge, competing in creative problem solving and tests of their awareness of economic principles, world events and business news.

The 2012 final quiz bowl round was broadcast live from Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln Center on Sunday, May 20. Watch an overview video of the Challenge below.

2012 National Economics Challenge Video Hear from the Kids

2012 econ challenge finalists1 Hear from the Kids Econ Divas1 Hear from the Kids

2012 Econ Challenge Finalists prepare for the live broadcast
of the quiz bowl round at Tisch WNET Studios at Lincoln
Center in New York City.

The self-proclaimed Econ Divas.

econ challenge 2011 results Hear from the Kids econ challenge 2011 quiz bowl Hear from the Kids

Students and Coaches wait for test results to see which teams will advance to the Final Round of the 2011 National
Economics Challenge.

The Harker School of San Jose, CA competes against Choate Rosemary Hall of Wallingford, CT in the Final Round of the 2011 National Economics Challenge.

“Economics has helped me become a more-informed citizen and understand more of what is going on in the world. What I learned carries over to life where I consider everything before making a decision.”

Max Isenberg
The Harker School, San Jose, CA


Calendar Projects

Even the youngest learners understand how economic concepts are demonstrated in their lives. Below are some financial literacy and economic concepts drawn by kids for our local affiliates’ calendar contests.

indiana calendar trade Hear from the Kids indiana calendar producers consumers Hear from the Kids

Mac, Grade 5

Hannah, Grade 7

indiana calendar productivity Hear from the Kids indiana calendar human resources Hear from the Kids

Sara, Grade 3

Elissa, Grade 5

drawings circular flow Hear from the Kids drawings incentives Hear from the Kids

Zack, Grade 7

Konard, Grade 8

calendar producers consumers lucy Hear from the Kids calendar productive resources samuel Hear from the Kids

Lucy, Grade 8

Samuel, Grade 4


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