Teacher Feedback

Teacher feedback consistently expresses the many benefits of of CEE’s various services and programs.

Professional Development

CEE delivers programs and teacher training through in-person workshops, partner organizations and online. Training demonstrates how to use our hands-on instructional materials and state-of-the-art approaches to K-12 economic and financial literacy education.

NYSE tour Teacher Feedback CCEE training Teacher Feedback

Teachers visit the New York Stock Exchange during our workshop, ‘Teaching Financial Crises: Visiting Wall Street to Hear the Real Story.’

Professor Dale DeBoer of the University of Colorado uses CEE resources to instruct teachers on “Unemployment and the Quest for Jobs” at a Colorado Council for Economic Education workshop.

“This has been the finest in-service training in my 36-year teaching career. Economics is useful everywhere, and so is economic thinking. It has influenced every class I have taught and I am forever grateful and excited to return to these events.”

Barry Greynolds,
Monticello High School, Monticello, NY

“The workshops are innovative and thought-provoking. Rick Fenner [Director, Mohawk Valley Center for Economic Education] took a subject matter that’s usually complex and intense, and he made it easy to understand. I’m motivated for the next workshop.”

Hector Ortiz,
New Utrect High School, Brooklyn, NY



Teachers who are engaged with CEE support our advocacy agenda.

Jones Richards Martin Teacher Feedback

Sharra Jones, Evan Richards and Mike Martin at the Senate Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, Hearing on Financial Literacy: Empowering Americans to Prevent the Next Financial Crisis, April 26, 2012.

“Most of the materials I use come from the Council for Economic Education’s Virtual Economics CD and Financial Fitness for Life curriculum. I have taught three different grade levels and was able to use the materials for all of them. . . . When students are able to connect a concept that they are learning to real life, they are more likely to remember and apply that concept. These materials allow for more hands-on activities as well as more chance for cooperative learning. This has proven to be a successful way of educating students.”

Sharra Jones
Oak Park Elementary School, Laurel, MS


CEE Annual Conference

Each year CEE organizes a national financial literacy and economic education conference that brings together K-12 teachers, college and university professors and Federal Reserve partners. In 2012, more than 500 educators attended, including 240 K-12 classroom teachers (up 72% percent from 2011) from 38 states (up from 33 states in 2011).

2012 annual conference video2 Teacher Feedback

“This conference was a great experience for me as a first-year teacher. I was able to bring so much from the conference back to my classroom. It is great that we have such a hardworking organization that is going the extra mile to provide classroom teachers with the professional development, research, resources, and funds to further our education and teaching practices in the realm of economic education.”

Daniel Bailey
Pine Ridge Middle School, Columbia, SC

“I have enjoyed the conference and I am truly grateful that I have been afforded this amazing opportunity to change the way my students think about economics. I know that I am enriching their lives by teaching them the skills in financial literacy that will help them be more prepared to enter the real world. I am undoubtedly excited to return to my campus and share the abundance of knowledge received at this conference. Very seldom do we get life-changing experiences, but this weekend has been that for me. I realized that I love economics a lot more than I thought I did!”

Kala Morrow
Bullard High School, Bullard, TX


2012 annual conference melody key Teacher Feedback 2012 annual conference photo opening plenary Teacher Feedback

Melody Key, winner of CEE’s Elementary Teacher Award, teaches ‘Elementary Economics 101’ at the 51st Annual Conference, Kansas City, MO.

Hundreds of educators at the 51st Annual Conference Opening Plenary Session are treated to a special recorded video message from Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Reserve System.

2012 annual conference photo 8 Teacher Feedback conference image 2011 Teacher Feedback

Strategizing in an economics simulation at the 51st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference, Kansas City, MO.

Teaching globalization and interdependence at the 50th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference in Chicago, IL.

Using Our Materials

We continually develop and update K-12 learning materials with a strong interactive component such as Financial Fitness for Life. Our curriculum is aligned to national standards in English and math, and with the voluntary national standards—which we developed—in economics and personal finance. More than 150,000 unique visitors use EconEdLink each month, our popular online resource.

Economics Comes Alive with Capstone video Teacher Feedback How to Teach Compound Interest video Teacher Feedback

Economics Comes Alive with Capstone: Using teacher
resources in the classroom.

Teach students to double their money using ‘Learning, Earning and Investing,’ one of CEE’s personal finance curricula.

CCEE FFFL1 Teacher Feedback playful econ workshop Teacher Feedback

Teachers learn to integrate the Financial Fitness for Life curriculum into their classes during Personal Financial Literacy training in Colorado.

The Playful Economics resource shows educators how to use modeling clay to teach basic financial literacy concepts to their students.


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