Teaching Opportunity

Teaching Opportunity – June 2013

In This Issue:

  • Play the New Gen i: Murktide Invasion Game
  • Congrats to the 2013 Econ Challenge Champs
  • New Common Core Alignment Tool
  • Buy the 4th Edition AP Economics
  • Free Professional Development near You
  • Sign Up for a Free MyEEL Account
  • Double Your Dollars during our Challenge Grant
  • This Day in History

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Teaching Opportunity – April 2013

April is Financial Literacy Month (FLM) and CEE continues to raise awareness for the importance of financial literacy education for K-12 teachers and students by providing events, teacher workshops, resources, free lessons and webinars for our educators.

Take advantage of the resources, training and events in your area and online to ensure your students learn what it means to be financially literate in the 21st century.

In This Issue:

  • Enter our video contest for a chance to win $1,000
  • Save a bundle on CEE’s best-sellers + 3 FREE DVDs with every order!
  • Free lessons and videos to teach personal finance
  • Financial Literacy Month training and events
  • Teaching the News
  • This Day in History
  • NEW! National Standards for Financial Literacy
  • 52nd Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference

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Teaching Opportunity – March 2013

Ensure your students learn real-world lessons by getting them involved in these fun activities, helping them calculate the cost of college, and teaching them to utilize the “economic way of thinking.”

In This Issue:

  • National Economics Challenge
  • Gen i Revolution
  • Teaching the News
  • This Day in History
  • Calculating the Cost of College
  • Quinoa Boom and an Economic Lesson

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Teaching Opportunity – February 2013

In this issue:

  • Advanced Placement Webinars
  • Teaching the News
  • This Day in History
  • Teach the Theme: Debt Ceiling
  • Featured Lesson Plans
  • FRED in the Classroom: Debt and Deficit
  • Mineral-Rich Mongolia
  • What is the “Dutch Disease”?

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