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The Council for Economic Education teaches children about the 4th R  - the real world  - through lessons in personal finance and economics. We carry out our mission by providing professional development to teachers, teaching resources across the curriculum and nationally-normed assessment tools. CEE draws on the expertise of university professors to  develop and update K-12 learning materials with a strong interactive component. The following resources support teachers in their classrooms, and provide support to those who want to make the case for great economic and financial education for K-12 students.

CEE’s blog features our latest news and information, videos, events and announcements for educators.

Our Teaching the News section features current events and the related lessons teachers can use in the classroom.

The Survey of the States is a biennial report that brings attention to the critical importance of economics and personal finance education by documenting its status in the fifty states and the District of Columbia.

CEE compiles academic research and anecdotes from industry experts and university professors to encourage school districts, media representatives, parents and educators to stand behind the importance of personal finance and economic education in our nation’s schools.

Each year we grant federal funds from the United States Department of Education through EEE to over 80 local education groups – here are some of the results of that work.

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