CNBC’s Steve Liesman Covers CEE’s 15th National Economics Challenge

The Council for Economic Education’s 15th National Economics Challenge finals were held in NYC on Monday. Over 10,500 students participated nationwide, with only 32 making it to the finals and only 16 to the final quiz bowl round, hosted by Steve Liesman, CNBC’s senior economics reporter. The final round was covered live on CNBC’s Power […]

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VOTE for your favorite video from the 2015 National Economics Challenge Finalists!

CEE asked the eight Finalist teams to prepare a video profile that shows who they are as people, students and scholars. Get over to our Facebook page and vote for your favorite team. The team with the most votes will receive a $100 Amazon gift certificate for their school and a $25 iTunes gift card […]

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David Wessel

How Much Does the U.S. Tax System Shrink the Gap between Rich and Poor?

By David Wessel, Director, The Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy, Brookings   Financial literacy is a key component of our mission at the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy, where we focus not just on improving policy, but on improving public understanding of fiscal and monetary issues. Part of what we do […]

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bedtime math

Money Math Mondays: Money

Welcome to our fourth and final “Money Math Monday.” We’d like to thank Bedtime Math for partnering with us during Financial Literacy Month to create fun math problems that help kids become more financially literate. This week our focus is money and how a collection of coins from all over the world can add up […]

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Susan Tanaka

Financial Capability: A Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility

By Susan Tanaka, Senior Policy Advisor, The Peter G. Peterson Foundation   As someone who has spent most of her professional life analyzing, developing, and understanding the budget of the United States government, I applaud efforts to improve the financial capability of Americans. While there are, of course, significant differences between individual finances and the […]

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Arkadi Kuhlmann

“Career and Life Readiness” Require Financial Fitness

By Arkadi Kuhlmann, Founder and CEO of ZenBanx, Founder and Former CEO of ING Direct   The lunch table conversation was light and collegial, focused on the upcoming weekend activities until my colleague burst the jovial bubble by asking if everyone had fully funded their 2014 and 2015 IRAs. Squirming ensued. All of the 20 […]

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