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Money Math Mondays: Supply and Demand

It’s our second “Money Math Monday” and this week’s Bedtime Math problems show that demand is high for some crazy products—anyone need eyelashes for their car? Click here to see how Bedtime Math gets your kids thinking about supply and demand.     Check out these supply and demand lessons on       […]

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Financial Literacy Month Highlights

April is Financial Literacy Month, and it’s a great opportunity to reflect on both how far we’ve come, and what challenges remain in 2015. Over the past 12 months, four states—and counting—have adopted CEE’s National Standards for Financial Literacy. This follows a period of slow to no growth as shown in CEE’s 2014 Survey of […]

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Kelli Grant

Stop! Wait! Make a Financially Literate College Decision

By Kelli Grant, Consumer Reporter, It may be Financial Literacy Month, but for high school seniors, April is also Big Decision Month. College acceptance letters are landing in mailboxes and inboxes, with the clock ticking down to a May 1 acceptance deadline at many schools. To them I say, Stop! Wait! Don’t be so […]

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Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald

Becoming “College Savings” Literate

By Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald, Iowa State Treasurer When it comes to financial literacy, saving, planning and investing are valuable terms that emphasize the importance of strong financial management and well-being. These concepts are especially useful when contemplating the costs of higher education. Saving for college is made easier with 529 college savings plans, which […]

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Congressman Steve Stivers

The Importance of Financial Literacy

By Congressman Steve Stivers, Ohio’s 15th District, Co-Chair of the House Financial and Economic Literacy Caucus. The month of April is Financial Literacy Month and serves as a reminder that we are all responsible for our fiscal security. As a co-chair of the House Financial and Economic Literacy Caucus, this issue is especially important to […]

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bedtime math

Money Math Mondays: Pennies by the Pound

The Council for Economic Education is excited to link to Bedtime Math’s “Money Math Mondays” math problems during Financial Literacy Month. Parents have been snuggling up with their children for bedtime stories for generations. Why not do the same with math problems? Bedtime Math was created by Laura Overdeck, a mother with a degree in […]

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