Gen i Revolution Mission Brief – Mission 1

Professional Development



  • Online

GRADES: 9-12


  • Financial Literacy

Watch this interactive webinar in which CEE’s John LeFeber uncovers best practices on how to play and successfully complete Gen i Revolution’s Mission 1 – Building Wealth Over the Long Term. John will show you how to guide your students through the mission and convince Angela to invest in a 401(k) plan now to build wealth over the long term.

You will learn…

  • Tips and tricks on how to successfully complete Mission 1
  • How to use Admin effectively
  • How compound interest and savingsconcepts are integrated into the Mission
  • Details about the upcoming contest:Search for the Sweet 16th

Who Should Watch:
New and experienced teachers using Gen i Revolution in their classrooms

Click here to download a PDF version of the presentation.

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