Introducing the new National Standards for Financial Literacy

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This webinar was first broadcast on Thursday, April 25 at 3:00pm EST.

Join CEE for an introduction to the new National Standards for Financial Literacy. Stephen Buckles, member of the standards writing committee, will lead you through the development of, philosophy behind, and intended use of the standards.

The National Standards for Financial Literacy are a framework for the body of knowledge and skills that should be contained in a K-12 personal finance curriculum. Developed by a team of experienced and talented economists, education specialists at Federal Reserve banks, and financial education researchers, the standards raise the bar for financial literacy education.

The standards contain the six areas of knowledge and understanding that are fundamental to personal finance: Earning Income; Buying Goods and Services; Using Credit; Saving; Financial Investing; and Protecting and Insuring.

Each standard emphasizes decision-making skills by explicitly relating planning and goal setting, financial decision-making, and assessing outcomes to each standard. Through the standards, students learn how their personal situations and preferences affect their financial decision making, while beginning to understand the trade-offs inherent in every choice they make.  In the end, more informed choices lead to better choices as well as greater satisfaction with the choices that are made.

Learn more about the standards and download your free copy here.

Click here to download the PDF presentation.

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