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Now in its fourth edition, the Test of Understanding in College Economics (also called “TUCE”) measures students understanding of college-level microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts.

There are two separate exams, one for microeconomics and one for macroeconomics. Each exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions, which can be administrated in one class period. You can TUCE as a pretest, a posttest, or both.

For the past 40 years, the Test of Understanding in College Economics has offered a reliable and valid way to assess your students in principles of economics courses. It also provides provided valuable norming data, so you can compare the pretests and posttest performance of your classes to a national sample of students and instructors.

Using the Examiner’s Manual

The TUCE Examiner’s Manual contains information on:

  • How the test was developed.
  • The structure of the test.
  • Uses of the test.
  • How to administer the test – includes both general and detailed directions for the examiner.
  • How to score the test – either hand or machine score.
  • Technical data.

A complete answer key makes implementing, supervising and evaluating the TUCE pain-free. Item rationales give you the reasoning behind each question, plus the correct answer.

Tip: Use the detailed explanations in the Item Rationales to review test answers with the class and strengthen your students’ knowledge of microeconomics and macroeconomics.

How to Use the Test of Understanding in College Economics in AP Economics Courses.

TUCE can be used in your AP Economics courses to measure your students’ understanding of college-level concepts, both before your AP Economics courses starts and right before the AP economics exams are administered in the spring.

  • Pre-course Test – gauge your students’ existing knowledge so you know what their strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Post-course Test – give your students a “dry run” before the AP economics exams.
  • During Your Course – testing your students often is a key to making sure they pass the exams. Use the TUCE throughout the year to get the college-level economics juices flowing.

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