The Great Economic Mysteries Book

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GRADES: 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


  • Science & Economics



The Great Economic Mysteries Books introduce students to an economic way of thinking through exploring the mysteries of everyday life. Students solve each mystery by responding to hints and by reference to a logical system of reasoning that applies basic economic principles.

High School Students explore:

  • The Case of the Pampered Chickens
  • The Heart Throb Mystery
  • Why Everything But the Kitchen Sink Gets Stashed in the Overhead Luggage Bins on Airplanes
  • Is Parking Really Free in Fargo?
  • How We Almost Got a Sixth Great Lake

Middle School Students explore:

  • The Eye Glasses Mystery
  • The Homework Mystery
  • What Genius Figured Out How to Get Food from the Farms to the Markets?
  • The Mystery of the Wasted Food
  • Why Stay up Late When It Wipes You Out the Next Day?

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