Virtual Economics 4.5

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  • Interactive
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Video

GRADES: K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12


  • AP Economics
  • Business & Economics
  • Financial Literacy
  • General Economics
  • Language Arts & Economics
  • Math & Economics
  • Science & Economics


Attention Economics and Personal Finance Educators:

What if you could make lesson planning an easy process?

Searching for materials can be difficult and time consuming. Don’t you wish there was an efficient way to build lessons that appeal to your students and correlate with the most up to date state content standards? Discover the all-in-one flash drive—Virtual Economics—your one-stop resource to print-based, web-based and multimedia materials.

Key Features

  • Build your own lessons – customize your lessons with our huge supply of resources
  • 81 publications – a vast library of educational resources
  • More Flash Drive memory – now with an extra gig of memory, saving relevant lessons is a breeze.
  • Automatic Lesson Updates – when connected to the Internet, your VE 4.5 search results will automatically be enhanced with new and updated lessons from CEE’s EconEdLink library. It’s seamless and is provided at no additional cost.
  • Multiple Search Options – search by National and/or State Standards, by grade band, keyword, or publication
  • Useful Tips – short cuts for each lesson provide helpful hints for you and your students
  • Glossary – over 500 crystal-clear terms and definitions

New Publications Added to V4.5 V4.0 Publications Removed
  • AP Macroeconomics Teacher Resource Manual 4th Edition
  • AP Microeconomics Teacher Resource Manual 4th Edition
  • High School Economics 3rd Edition
  • K Thru 2 Math Can Do
  • Middle School World History
  • Entrepreneurship Economics
  • Learning and Investing for a New Generation
  • National Personal Finance Standards
  • Advanced Placement Economics: Teacher Resource Manual 3rd Edition
  • Advanced Placement Economics: Macroeconomics – Student Activities 3rd Edition
  • Advanced Placement Economics: Microeconomics – Student Activities 3rd Edition
  • Focus: High School Economics 2nd Edition
  • Learning, Earning and Investing: Middle School
  • Learning, Earning and Investing: High School

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Minimum System Requirements



  • Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack (SP)
    2 or later operating system
  • 2.33 gigahertz (GHz) processor or higher
  • 512 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher
  • Adobe Reader 9 or later version
  • Mac OS X version 10.4.11 or later operating system
  • Intel Core Duo or higher
  • 512 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher
  • Adobe Reader 9 or later version


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