Take a digital look at the State of Financial and Economic Literacy

CEE launches a fact-filled video resource based on its biennial Survey of the States: Economic and Personal Finance Education in Our Nation’s Schools.

survey of the states interactive video Take a digital look at the State of Financial and Economic Literacy

Released in February, 2014’s Survey of the States documented the state of economic and personal financial education in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, showing that while progress has been made since the first survey in 1998, the trend has recently begun to slow—and in some cases even move backward. For the second time, CEE has created a digital resource from the Survey’s findings, offering useful information and access to essential teaching tools.

The digital Survey of the States takes users on a visual, interactive journey, walking them through the cost of financial illiteracy, the current state of financial and economic education, along with its benefits and the challenge of implementing it, and finally, how to take action. With links to CEE’s teacher tools like lesson plans, online games and state resources, the interactive Survey of the States does more than point out the problems: it also offers solutions.

Visit to explore the interactive Survey of the States.

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CEE announces the winners of our Gen i Revolution Search for the Sweet 16th Contest!

CEE Choice Contest

gen i sweet sixteenth contest logo CEE announces the winners of our Gen i Revolution Search for the Sweet 16th Contest!The winning entry of the CEE Choice Contest was created by a team of five students of M.T. Blount High School in Eight Mile, AL. Allen Merryman, a Career Tech Teacher at M.T. Blount, served as the team’s sponsor.

The team’s Mission topic is the importance of insurance. Their mission looks at the types of risks that a young person may face—such as health concerns or purchasing a car—and explores the possible ways to protect against that risk.

Gen i Revolution’s upcoming sixteenth mission will draw inspiration from this entry. The new mission will teach the important financial literacy concept of protecting and insuring.

Each team member has earned a $50 iTunes Gift Card, the sponsoring teacher has won a $1,000 American Express Gift Certificate for use in the classroom.

Popular Vote Contest

The Popular Vote Contest was won by a five-student team from Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, CO. Peak to Peak math teacher, Bobby Letter, was the team’s sponsor.

The team’s video, Using Credit, demonstrated their Mission topic of properly using forms of credit. The team created their mission to teach the importance of understanding and maintaining the use of credit and determining the best form of credit to use in different scenarios.

Each team member has won a $25 iTunes Gift Card, the sponsoring teacher will receive a $500 American Express Gift Certificate for use in the classroom.

We received incredible submissions and thanks to all entrants for taking the time to create their ideas for Gen i Revolution’s Sweet 16th.

gen i sweet 16th winner video CEE announces the winners of our Gen i Revolution Search for the Sweet 16th Contest!

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Teaching Opportunity – December 2013

In This Issue:

  • Economic news and related lessons in ‘Teaching the News’
  • CEE partnering with AmazonSmile!
  • Watch CEE’s 2013 Overview Video
  • 2014 National Economics Challenge Important Dates
  • CCSS Alignment Tool at Work
  • Gen i Revolution — Free Online Personal Finance Game
  • Your gift does make a difference…
  • This Day in History
  • Financial Literacy Awards
  • Save the Date for CEE’s 2014 Annual Conference

Read more…

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Watch CEE’s New 2013 Overview Video

From the time it was founded in 1948, Council for Economic Education has made it its mission to deliver economic education and financial literacy to K–12 students nationwide. CEE’s unique way of “educating the educators” has proven successful with both teachers and students. In this video, we take a look at the past 65 years and reflect on how far we have come.

With affiliates in every state, Council for Economic Education is able to reach a tremendous number of educators—over 55,000 in 2012—and the students they teach. In this overview, you’ll hear accounts from Helen Roberts, Director, University of Illinois-Chicago Center for Economic Education along with educators and students, of how personal finance is being implemented in their schools; and notably, how the coursework has boosted students’ confidence in finance.

Since its inception, CEE has been integral to educating K–12 students on economics and personal finance—we look forward to even greater progress in the next 65 years (and more) to come.

cee 2013 overview video Watch CEE’s New 2013 Overview Video

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2013 National Economics Challenge featured on Channel One News

In a record-breaking year, 10,200 high school students, comprising 2,690 teams in 40 states, contended for a spot in the National Economics Championship in New York City. Finalist teams competed in the oral quiz bowl about complex economic concepts and theories of micro- and macroeconomics, international economics and current events.

Iolani School, Honolulu, HI and Little Falls Community High School, Little Falls, MN placed first in their divisions to become the national champions of the 2013 National Economics Challenge.

Shelby Holliday of Channel One News in New York City attended the Championship, and you can watch the exciting coverage below.

channel one econ challenge feature 2013 National Economics Challenge featured on Channel One News

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Econ Challenge Champs Receive Exciting Homecoming

Little Falls Community High School won for the second year in a row the National Championship title in the David Ricardo Division in the National Economics Challenge.

The winners, students Aaron Nilsen, Brian McNamara, Travis Spillum, and Eric Schmidt, and coach Tom Stockard, were welcomed home to Little Falls, Minnesota by a proud community and local press coverage.

“Little Falls represented Minnesota after winning first place in the state Economics Challenge competition, held April 7. It then advanced to the National Finals as one of the top four highest scoring teams at the National Semi-Finals competition, outpacing over 10,000 other students to win the all-expense paid trip to New York City.”

Read the full story here.

CEE wants to congratulate all of the winners at local, state and national levels. You can watch the National Championship Quiz Bowl here.

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