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Teaching Opportunity – May 2012

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CEE is pleased to provide you with Teaching Opportunity, our newsletter for educators. Each month we’ll provide new lessons, special promotions, news for teachers and tips for the classroom. This week we are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week! Many thanks for all the great work you do.

In This Issue:

  • Grants Available for High School Teachers
  • Teaching the News
  • This Day in History
  • 51st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference
  • Congratulations to our Gen i Revolution contest winner!
  • Survey of the States
  • CEE Wins EIFLE Award
  • 2012 Challenge Grant

Download the Newsletter

Download a PDF copy of the May 2012 Teaching Opportunity Newsletter:


Grants Available for High School Teachers

Pathway to Financial SuccessDiscover is providing grants to high schools to cover the cost of implementing a personal finance course. This is an excellent opportunity to partner with CEE’s local Council to apply for grants and receive the training and materials you will need to put this to action. To apply for a grant or get more information, visit and click on “Apply Now.”

Teaching the News

Use these current events to teach the news in your classroom. Following each article you’ll find several related resources from for teaching the underlying economics and personal finance concepts.

Bank Owing U.S. $935 Million Has CEO Family Bad Debts: Mortgages – Bloomberg Losses on the bank’s subprime mortgages and commercial and construction loans surged during the financial crisis and regulators had to inject bailout funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program in November 2008. Learn more…

This Day in History

The Calendar of Historical Events provides 365 days worth of historical facts and interesting developments in personal finance and economics. See what happened on this day in history, and use the related lessons in your classroom.

May 14, 1884 The Origins Of Trust Busting On this day in 1884 the first convention was held for the newly formed Anti-Monopoly Party. This party opposed actions of big business at the time. Such actions included dominating product markets by crushing any attempts for competition. Though the party failed to get their nominee (General Benjamin Butler) into the oval office and eventually foundered its views helped influence the Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890. May 20, 1985 Stock Markets Breaks 1,300 Mark On this day in 1985 the New York Stock Exchange broke 1300 for the first time ever. The Dow gained 19.54 points to close at 1304.88.

51st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference

Registration is open for the 51st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference! Join us for a nationwide annual gathering of educators including K-12 teachers, college and university professors and Federal Reserve partners. The 2012 conference invites you to take part in teacher roundtables, networking opportunities and a special luncheon honoring teachers of excellence. The conference features a diverse selection of presentations and workshops, including:

  • Personal Finance and Economics Standards
  • Teaching the Common Core
  • Hands-on Technology for the K-12 Classroom
  • Integrating Economics and Personal Finance into Social Studies, Math, Science and More

Who should attend?

  • K-12 teachers in Social Studies, Economics, Mathematics, Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Curriculum Developers, Superintendents, Principals and Assistant Principals
  • All educators working in the fields of financial literacy and/or economic education

Congratulations to our Gen i Revolution contest winner!

Gen i RevolutionCEE celebrated Financial Literacy Month with a competition using Gen i Revolution, the free, online game that improves students’ knowledge of personal finance and money management. Congratulations to Diann Dood of Catoosa High School in Catoosa, OK. She won 2 registration tickets to the 51st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference in Kansas City, MO, October 4-6.

Survey of the States

Download the SurveySee where your state stands; download the 2011 Survey of the States for free. CEE has just released our seventh Survey of the States: Economic and Personal Finance Education in Our Nation’s Schools. The biennial report brings attention to the critical importance of eco­nomics and personal finance education by documenting its status in the fifty states and the District of Columbia. The recent economic downturn has brought nationwide attention to the dangers of a financially illiterate society. Data collected for the 2011 survey suggest the movement between 2009 and 2011 showed little-to-no progress in mandating economics and personal finance education in the K-12 classroom. The survey is a great tool to encourage school districts, media representatives, parents and educators to stand behind the importance of personal finance and economic education in our nation’s schools.

CEE Wins EIFLE Award

Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) AwardThe Institute for Financial Literacy awarded CEE with a 2012 Excellence in Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE) Award. Financial Fitness for Life®, Grades 9-12, won the Education Program of the Year in the Children’s Saving and Investing Category. Financial Fitness for Life teaches students, and measures their progress on understanding, the four themes of personal finance: earning an income, saving, spending and credit, and money management.

2012 Challenge Grant

Donate today to CEE’s Challenge Grant and help us reach more teachers and students! As educators, you’ve made a commitment to teaching your students the fourth “R”—a real-world understanding of economics and personal finance. You’ve experienced firsthand the programs offered by the Council for Economic Education—professional workshops, curriculum development, materials and national competitions—and you know their value. We hope you’ll consider making a donation to CEE so we can continue to support the important work you do. If you contribute before June 30, your gift will be matched through a $200,000 Challenge Grant from one of our generous board members. Those are economics we can all understand! To contribute, click here.

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