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Teaching Opportunity – August 2012

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In This Issue:

  • The Economics of Elections
  • Conversation with Chairman Bernanke: Teacher Town Hall — Tuesday, August 7
  • Teaching the News: Best Buy Founder Schulze Recruiting Executives for Buyout
  • This Day in History: August 7 The Dollar Downsizes
  • Featured Resource: Teaching Financial Crises
  • Register Now: 51st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference
  • Free Professional Development
  • Join GATE

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The Economics of Elections

Use these free lessons in your middle and high school classroom to teach the economics of elections. Topics include the costs and benefits of voting; polls and the Iowa election markets; margin of error; and why people may decide not to vote in an election.

Conversation with Chairman Bernanke: Teacher Town Hall

Ben BernankeThe Federal Reserve will broadcast the Conversation with the Chairman: Teacher Town Hall on Tuesday, August 7, 2:30 to 3:30 pm EDT.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke will address educators in Washington, D.C. His message will focus on the critical need for personal financial education in the wake of the recent financial crisis. After his remarks, Chairman Bernanke will take questions from K-12 and post-secondary educators of economics, personal finance, and related disciplines, who will be gathered at sites across the country.

This event will be broadcast by the Federal Reserve. On August 7 at 2:30 pm EDT, go to the Federal Reserve’s ustream page to watch this event live.

CEE will tweet and post during the event. Be sure to share your thoughts with us on Twitter and Facebook.

Teaching the News

Use these current events to teach the news in your classroom. Following each article you’ll find several related resources from for teaching the underlying economics and personal finance concepts.

Best Buy Founder Schulze Recruiting Executives for Buyout
Richard Schulze, founder of Best Buy Co., has been recruiting executives to help lead the retailer if his attempt to take the company private is successful. Learn more…

This Day in History

The Calendar of Historical Events provides 365 days worth of historical facts and interesting developments in personal finance and economics. See what happened on this day in history, and use the related lessons in your classroom.

August 7, 1928
The Dollar Downsizes
On this day in 1928, the dollar shrinks. The reduction of the dollar was not a reduction in value rather a reduction in size. The new notes issued by the United State’s Treasury were 1/3 the size of its predecessor. A year later the treasury shrunk the dollar by another 25%.

August 12, 1981
Enter The Personal Computer
Today we have come to expect a personal computer in every home but before this day in 1981 nobody had a personal computer. IBM on this day in 1981 started selling the world’s first PC, selling 136,000 in the first year.

Featured Resource: Teaching Financial Crises

Teaching Financial CrisesTeaching Financial Crises is an eight lesson resource that contextualizes all of the media attention that has been paid to the recent financial crisis, as well as put it in a historical context. The current events stories, opinion pieces and popular media pieces that are today in great supply have generally not connected to educational objectives, historical analysis, and economic concepts used in the high school classroom. In Teaching Financial Crises, teachers will find a non-partisan and non-ideological resource to help them simplify perspectives on this challenging subject matter.

The publication is a standards-based set of lessons concerning critical issues related to financial crisis and the volatility that has accompanied recent, as well as historic, economic events. The resource has been aligned to economics content standards; and it is comprised of a variety of approaches to encourage higher-order thinking skills designed to assist students to engage in effective decision-making, undertake reasoned approaches to economic analysis, efficiently solve complex problems and apply critical thinking skills.

Buy your copy today!

Register Now: 51st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference

Registration is open for the 51st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference! This year’s conference is October 5-6 in Kansas City, MO. Join us for a nationwide annual gathering of educators including K-12 teachers, college and university professors and Federal Reserve partners.

Who should attend?

  • K-12 teachers in Social Studies, Economics, Mathematics, Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Curriculum Developers, Superintendents, Principals and Assistant Principals
  • All educators working in the fields of financial literacy and/or economic education

Why you should join us in Kansas City:

  • Learn about the latest in curriculum development, teaching strategies, new programs and best practices.
  • Get introduced to new products and lesson plans, including the revised Advanced Placement Economics curriculum, the Personal Finance Standards, and Learning, Earning and Investing for a New Generation.
  • Network with colleagues from across the country. Share tips, tricks and resources with attendees you see every year – or meet someone new!
  • Attend professional development workshops and sessions, such as:
    • Teaching the Common Core
    • Using CEE’s online game Gen i Revolution with students
    • Personal finance concepts in the elementary, middle and high school classrooms

Free Professional Development Opportunities

Revive your lessons and invigorate your students by joining us for free professional development at the HSBC National Center for Economic and Financial Education.

CEE offers free workshops and professional development for K-12 educators who teach economics, personal finance, social studies, business and entrepreneurship.

Join fellow teachers in New York City this summer to discover new lesson plans, teaching techniques and emerging technology tools to make the classroom an engaging place for your students.

In August, we’re featuring:

Don’t have a trip planned to New York this summer? Contact your local CEE affiliate for workshop opportunities near you. CEE and its network of affiliates host hundreds of professional development opportunities each year.


Comprised of teachers from around the world, the Global Association of Teachers of Economics is the one-stop resource for teachers with a zeal for economic, personal finance and entrepreneurship education.

Benefits of Becoming a GATE Member:

  • 20% Discount on Council for Economic Education materials.
  • Save $100 off the registration fee for The Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference.
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  • Opportunity to connect with other economics and personal finance educators to share ideas, get tips about resources and other important topics.
  • Participate in peer discussion groups and research studies regarding important financial literacy and economic education issues.

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