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CEE in the News: Roger Ferguson Addresses Financial Literacy at National Convention

POSTED: September 14, 2012 | BY: admin | TAGS: , , , , , ,

CEE invited two distinguished groups of panelists to both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions to discuss a single topic: “Financial Literacy: Is Your State Part of the Problem—or the Solution?” but the untimely arrival of Hurricane Isaac led to a cancellation of the RNC event.   Hosted with our local affiliate, the North Carolina Council on Economic Education (NCCEE), the DNC event went on as scheduled, advancing a bipartisan initiative to improve financial literacy education.

TIAA-CREF CEO Roger Ferguson addressed elected officials, state delegates and other influentials about the criticality of financial education during the panel discussion. The official press release from TIAA-CREF is featured on their webiste, and you can read the full version here.

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