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American Economic Association offers free online issues of the Journal of Economic Perspectives

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The American Economic Association (AEA) is now offering free online issues of the Journal of Economic Perspectives in order to distribute economic information as widely as possible.

All issues of The Journal of Economic Perspectives (1987-present) are now available at no charge compliments of the AEA. The JEP journal fills a gap between the general interest press and most academic economics journals. It offers policymakers, educators, students and economic practitioners analytical essays that focus the lens of economic reasoning on topics of general interest. It draws attention to new and important topics in a timely manner; informs and shapes the debate on public policy; and addresses matters relating to the economics profession. This journal exposes the power, utility and beauty of clear economic insight. Celebrating its 25th year of publication, current issues of the JEP are also available in-e-reader formats.

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