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CEE Asks Students ‘What Should the Next President Do to Improve the Economy?’

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With elections just a few weeks away, the race for the Presidency couldn’t be any tighter—and the economy may very well be the deciding factor.  We’ve heard what the candidates have to say, but perhaps we could learn a thing or two from the next generation of voters.  CEE gave students a chance to weigh in on the economy, holding a Facebook video contest asking K-12 students, “What Should the Next President Do to Improve the Economy?”

We received submissions from classrooms all over the country presenting their best ideas in a minute or less.  At least one winner will receive the “Economists’ Choice” award, determined by a panel of prominent economists; and it’s up to our Facebook fans to choose the “Viewers’ Choice” recipient.  Prizes include $25 iTunes gift cards for student(s) with the winning video and a $500 American Express gift card for their teacher and classroom.

Here are some ideas to take advantage of these insightful videos:
•    Host “viewing parties” to watch and discuss several different submissions
•    Run a school assembly to present your videos to schoolmates

Thanks to all of the teachers and students who entered.  You used this contest as an opportunity to discuss the importance of the economy, and the role it plays this election season.

VOTE for your favorite video once each day until Tuesday, October 23, 3:00pm EST.

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