Free Online Training for Personal Finance Educators

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Rutgers Cooperative Extension and the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education recently launched a website to provide financial education training for teachers and other professionals who deliver financial education programs.  The website can also be viewed by consumers who are interested in learning more about personal finance topics.

The website is a repository of videotaped presentations from the Hard Core Financial Education Boot Camp (HCBC) program held in Newark, NJ in July 2012. HCBC is a rigorous personal finance training program for financial educators on advanced topics. It is the third training program in a series of Financial Education Boot Camp programs. HCBC was sponsored by the New Jersey Coalition for Financial Education in cooperation with Rutgers Cooperative Extension with financial support from Citi Community Development.

The HCBC Web site includes three presentations on subject matter content topics (investing, credit, and insurance), two presentations on math applications in personal finance and interviews with program organizers and program participants (teachers). The teachers who were interviewed were asked to provide advice to other teachers for teaching financial literacy and to describe a creative way that they teach personal finance to their students.

The training provided by the HCBC website is free of charge. Users can access the site at any time and view as many of the videotaped presentations as would they like in any order.

View and use the lessons here.

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