Financial Football: NFL-themed video game that teaches money management skills

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The lights went out at Super Bowl XVLII, but it wasn’t because the stadium didn’t pay the bills.

In fact, NFL stars are promoting financial literacy through VISA’s Financial Football DVD.

This article posted on HLN once again referenced CEE’s Survey of the States, citing, “And it seems that state education systems aren’t going above and beyond to improve the situation. Fewer than half of states require high school students to take an economics class, while only 13 states require a personal finance class specifically, according to 2011 survey by the Council for Economic Education. And in the 13 states where a personal finance class is required, students were more likely to go on to save money and pay off a credit card bill in full each month, and less likely to turn into compulsive spenders, max out credit cards and make late payments on bills.”

Financial Football is one of many free resources for the classroom that uses fun and enagaging concepts to teach fiscal responsibility to students. For more free lessons, visit EconEdLink to teach the economics of sports:

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