CEE’s Classroom Mini-Economy Teachers 4th Graders How to Pay the Bills and Have Fun

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Kate O’Hagan, a 4th grade teacher in Brooklyn, NY, uses CEE’s ‘Classroom Mini-Economy’ to teach real-world lessons in her class.

The United Federation of Teachers wrote a great article about Kate and her class, “Although they’re having fun, these children at PS 97 in Brooklyn are learning the serious business of being a grown-up in the Classroom Mini-Economy project, which O’Hagan began this past September after taking a free professional development unit on it at the Council for Economic Education in Manhattan.”

Kate is one of thousands of teachers who each year receive free training and materials from CEE’s National Center in New York City. The training and materials are taught to teachers so they can immediately go back to school and implement the concepts into their classrooms.

Kate and her Classroom Mini-Economy and a great example of how interactive training and engaging material can teach students that financial literacy isn’t boring or mundane, but practical, competitive and fun.

Learn more about our Classroom Mini-Economy materials, and read the UFT article here.

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