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CEE in the News: How the DMV Could Drive Home Financial Literacy

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Should we require our nation’s teenagers to pass a financial literacy quiz in order to get a license? Jean Chatzky proposed this question in her blog, and now Adam Levin has delved deeper into what this could mean for our country, and how we could begin to implement the requirement.

Weighing in on the issue are Nan J. Morrison, President & CEO of CEE, and Annamaria Lusardi, Denit Trust Distinguished Scholar in Economics and Accountancy, The George Washington University School of Business, and CEE Board Member.

“It is a low-cost, low-barrier option for getting a student interested, and they have an incentive to do so,” Nan J. Morrison says about the proposal.

Lusardi proposes that potential questions should address car ownership and insurance.

Read the full story here. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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