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From the time it was founded in 1948, Council for Economic Education has made it its mission to deliver economic education and financial literacy to K–12 students nationwide. CEE’s unique way of “educating the educators” has proven successful with both teachers and students. In this video, we take a look at the past 65 years and reflect on how far we have come.

With affiliates in every state, Council for Economic Education is able to reach a tremendous number of educators—over 55,000 in 2012—and the students they teach. In this overview, you’ll hear accounts from Helen Roberts, Director, University of Illinois-Chicago Center for Economic Education along with educators and students, of how personal finance is being implemented in their schools; and notably, how the coursework has boosted students’ confidence in finance.

Since its inception, CEE has been integral to educating K–12 students on economics and personal finance—we look forward to even greater progress in the next 65 years (and more) to come.

CEE 2013 Overview

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