The Necessity of Financial Education

POSTED: April 17, 2014 | BY: Annamarie Cerreta | TAGS: , , , , , , ,

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April 17

By Richard Fisher, President & CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas.

I am excited to express my support of Financial Literacy Month, an extremely important effort. Learning to make sound financial decisions is a skill that positively impacts people throughout their lives. I commend all of the educational institutions and non-profits that spend countless time and energy providing financial education.

As a central banker, I witness not only the difference sound financial decisions make in one’s personal life but also the ways an educated populace impacts broader economic stability. Building Wealth, the Dallas Fed’s flagship financial literacy publication, continues to be a popular guide for educators and community organizations alike in discussing personal wealth-building strategies. You can explore these resources at

Financial literacy matters because educated citizens become productive and capable members of their communities. Successful communities strengthen the state, the region and the nation. So, as the month progresses, I encourage everyone to spend time supporting the efforts of financial education in their communities. After all, these efforts hold the key to empowering people to embrace the challenges of a global economy and succeed within it.

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