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CEE announces the winners of our Gen i Revolution Search for the Sweet 16th Contest!

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CEE Choice Contest

gen i sweet sixteenth contest logo Gen i Revolution ContestThe winning entry of the CEE Choice Contest was created by a team of five students of M.T. Blount High School in Eight Mile, AL. Allen Merryman, a Career Tech Teacher at M.T. Blount, served as the team’s sponsor.

The team’s Mission topic is the importance of insurance. Their mission looks at the types of risks that a young person may face—such as health concerns or purchasing a car—and explores the possible ways to protect against that risk.

Gen i Revolution’s upcoming sixteenth mission will draw inspiration from this entry. The new mission will teach the important financial literacy concept of protecting and insuring.

Each team member has earned a $50 iTunes Gift Card, the sponsoring teacher has won a $1,000 American Express Gift Certificate for use in the classroom.

Popular Vote Contest

The Popular Vote Contest was won by a five-student team from Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, CO. Peak to Peak math teacher, Bobby Letter, was the team’s sponsor.

The team’s video, Using Credit, demonstrated their Mission topic of properly using forms of credit. The team created their mission to teach the importance of understanding and maintaining the use of credit and determining the best form of credit to use in different scenarios.

Each team member has won a $25 iTunes Gift Card, the sponsoring teacher will receive a $500 American Express Gift Certificate for use in the classroom.

We received incredible submissions and thanks to all entrants for taking the time to create their ideas for Gen i Revolution’s Sweet 16th.


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