Stocks in the Future Teaches Kids Stock Market Basics

POSTED: February 13, 2015 | BY: Daniel Thompson | TAGS: , , , , ,

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Many adults struggle to understand the basics of stock market investment. The next generation does not have to be so financially illiterate thanks to the efforts of the Stocks in the Future organization.

The organization provides middle-schools a financial investment program that rewards students with real money which the students then invest in companies like Coca-Cola and Facebook. When the students graduate they gain full ownership of their stock portfolios.

Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank are among the many donors who back Stocks in the Future. The program’s director Rebecca Lange-Thernes hopes that they will be to help the students see “themselves as investors in their future.”

To read more about Stocks in the Future’s success in Baltimore’s middle-schools click here.

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  • Wonderful approach to train the kids in school about the stock investment market.

    POSTED: July 16, 2015 | BY: Stock Futures Tips

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