Money Math Mondays: Earning Income

POSTED: April 20, 2015 | BY: Daniel Thompson

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BTMWelcome to our third “Money Math Monday.” This week children will learn about ways they can earn income. We all know kids who make a few extra dollars by providing services like walking the neighbor’s dog or mowing the lawn. How about earning money for helping someone name their pet? Bedtime Math has found all kinds of creative services that people will provide for $5 on the website Fiverr. Click here to see Bedtime Math’s examples of people earning income by putting their talents to use in unusual ways: features numerous lessons focused on earning income and exploring career choices for students in grades K-12:





Grades K-2
We Can Earn Money (or) Working Hard for a Living
This lesson introduces young children to the work grown-ups do to earn money. Students also explore tasks they might do at home to earn money.

Grades 3-5, 6-8
Do I Look Like I’m Made of Money?
One of the most common replies given by parents when their children ask for money is “Do I look like I’m made of Money?” This lesson is designed to educate students about the need for money as a generally accepted medium of exchange. The students will also learn how money is earned. Finally, the students will research potential career options.

Grades 6-8
Hey, Get a Job!
This lesson has students choose a job or business to engage in during non-school hours. They then devise a strategy of whom to target and how to begin pursuit of their chosen endeavor.

Grades 9-12
Wages and Me
Students explore the reasons for differences in the wages for several occupations. Then students are guided through the Bureau of Labor Statistics website to find information about their potential careers and wage rates nationally and in their own states.

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