IN A STUDENT’S WORDS: Virginia’s Course “Gets an A in My Book” – Nicolas Jirinec, Chesterfield, VA

POSTED: February 4, 2016 | BY: Daniel Thompson

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….AS A 2015 GRADUATING SENIOR WHO WAS REQUIRED to take [Virginia’s full-credit economics and personal finance course], I can attest firsthand to its practicality and necessity in today’s society. In fact, this class is very beneficial in teaching students about financing their future lives.

The class taught us about the stock market, how it works and how to buy and sell stocks. It taught us how companies work, and even how to balance a personal checkbook. We learned about supply and demand, the Invisible Hand, the broken window fallacy and how companies finance capital. This was by far the most practical class ever offered at the high school level in my opinion; and should have been required a long time ago.

We also engaged in a simulated stock market game, researched business financial reports and learned about productivity and human capital. I visited the Federal Reserve in Richmond as part of the class assignment on the circular flow of money.

This class has helped me create a useful résumé, get my first job at Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant and acquire the necessary skills required to understand how to file my first set of tax returns. This class was practical, taught fundamentals that can be used every day and helped prepare students for the real world that lies ahead after high school. This course gets an A in my book.

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Source: “Finance class taught real-world skills.” Letter to the Editor. Richmond Times-Dispatch, May 27, 2015. Reprinted with permission from the author and publication.

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