Winners: Student Writing Contest – What Economic Advice Would You Give to POTUS?

POSTED: October 19, 2018 | BY: Daniel Thompson

We received close to 4,000 submissions from students all over the United States! The students addressed an array of topics that touched on current topics that personally mattered to them, their families and the communities they live in. Topics included healthcare, immigration, income tax, food, education and infrastructure.


My advice is to lift tariffs against goods imported from China because they hurt US citizens more than help them. Tariffs cause a domino effect–prices go up so people buy less, companies sell less, in result, companies go out of business and people may lose jobs.
Student: Kaida, 4th grade
Teacher: Leigh Ann Scanzera, The Potomac School, McLean, Virginia

My advice to POTUS is to reduce healthcare cost to grow our economy. Skyrocketing healthcare cost is hurting our economy and has become a major contributor to national debt. We need to control drug costs, limit medical malpractice lawsuits, and provide basic healthcare to everyone.
Student: Rachel, 5th grade
Teacher: Kerry DiFusco, White Eagle Elementary School, Naperville, IL

In order to rein in what many economists label as overheating economy, I would recommend to the President enacting contradictory demand-side fiscal policy by raising taxes. An increase in taxes would reduce disposable income for consumers, this decreasing consumption and shifting the demand curve leftward, closing the expansionary gap.
Student: Annelisa, 12th grade
Teacher: Amanda Stiglbauer, Richland Northeast High School, Columbia, SC

  • The economic advice that I would give to the President of the United States would be to give out free scholarships so people could go to college and get a good education to get jobs. Then, they could pay taxes to help schools and roads get better.
  • You should make more schools and places that poor people can afford. If they can get an education and have a healthy life full of good choices that are available to them, it will make the country as a whole better.
  • Dear President Trump, We need more jobs so we can buy more food, water and home goods. We need to make jobs available for people who are poor. When people have jobs they have money to send which helps economic development.
  • I would tell them to focus on taking care of America’s sick people so they can survive and be happy. Helping the sick people get better will help them be able to go to work and support their families which will improve communities.
  • Mr. President, please work on balancing the budget because I don’t want to pay the debt when I’m older. Please fix social security so it will be there when I retire. Also, work on fixing our broken roads and bridges. Finally, continue cleaning up crime in our cities. Thank you Mr. President.
  • Raise minimum wage. With an estimated 43.1 million people in poverty and 39.6 million getting by on food stamps, a slight raise in minimum raise would do much to improve the lives of the impoverished and increase workforce and the gross national income.
  • I would tell the President to decrease economic regulations on businesses and lower corporate tax rate. This would allow small and big businesses to keep more of their earnings and allow them to raise wages. This would give every day Americans more disposable income increasing spending and thus increase tax revenue.
  • I think he should invest in ensuring that all families have access to free universal healthcare. Persuading Congress in proposing policies in favor of universal healthcare will solve the problem of the uninsured Americans. Healthcare ought to be a human right, not a political tool to gain votes.
GRADES 9-12:
  • Impoverished families should receive vouchers to move to neighborhoods with better opportunities. Research by Harvard economists on Moving to Opportunity, an experiment where this system was implemented, show that children who moved earned more as adults than those who did not since geographic mobility provides access to greater social capital.
  • My advice is for the Trump administration to stop isolating American from international trade deals, like NATO. Most economists agree that specialization — countries providing a small number of goods well, and trading with other countries for others – is best for all countries. International trade is where specialization thrives.
  • Don’t run the country the way that you run a business. Profit is not the most important objective. Decisions must be beneficial to people in America.
  • Economic prosperity will come in the future only if our citizens are well educated. Funds should go towards bettering education opportunities for children that live in low income communities. If these kids are given opportunities, they will receive better education and fuel our future economy.

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