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Recap: 2019 National Personal Finance Challenge

POSTED: July 2, 2019 | BY: Alan

On Friday, May 10, 84 high school students out of a total of 18,000 participants nation-wide, each representing their home state, met at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to compete in the final rounds of the Council for Economic Education’s 2019 National Personal Finance Challenge.

Each team had two hours to devise a financial plan for a hypothetical family featuring a daughter headed off to college, a business-owning father with dreams of early retirement, growing debts, and other parameters. After preliminary presentations, the top three teams gave final presentations to judges Nebraska State Treasurer John Murante, Omaha Federal Reserve Branch Executive Nate Kauffman, UNL College of Business Dean Kathy Farrell, Voya Finacial’s Vice-President of Diversity and Inclusion Nicole Starks, and veteran financial advisor and former Superbowl-winning football player Tony Veland.

The top three teams placed as follows:
First place: SAR High School (NY)
Second place: BASIS Scottsdale (AZ)
Third place: Madeira High School (OH)

Televised news reports about the National Personal Finance Challenge ran in Omaha and New York City, with print coverage in Alabama, Rhode Island, North Carolina, and Missouri, among others.

The Council for Economic Education would like to thank every student, teacher, CEE network members, and staff that worked to make the National Personal Finance Challenge a success. Special thanks are due to the event sponsor, Voya Financial, and to the Nebraska Council on Economic Education for hosting and organizing the event.

Please enjoy the following videos and photos.

Photos by Garrett Stolz, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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