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A message of solidarity from CEE

POSTED: June 5, 2020 | BY: Alan

Our team at CEE joins you in grief and shock at the brutal homicide of George Floyd. Yet another black man felled. I feel the same hollowness in my soul as I did when I first walked into Dachau or when I visited the genocide museum in Rwanda. And, no, we cannot just stand silent.
The Black community has felt the pain of COVID 19 so acutely in loss of life and jobs. And, now, another blow: one that tells them that their suffering continues unabated, unseen and unheard. One that tells them mercy never comes.

Our educators are feeling the pain of not being there for their students to comfort and create a safe place for them, to guide them in building meaningful pathways to move ahead. Over the next few weeks we will help teachers address these challenges. While this may seem outside our core subjects of economics and personal finance, we always seek to address the broader issues of equity, prejudice and reform and have done so through lessons such as The Economics of Jim Crow andThe Economics of Racial Discrimination. We are educators first and must support our colleagues in the profession now, especially the many we work with from communities feeling even more vulnerable.

We cannot stand by silently. We must and do stand in solidarity with the Black community. We do what we can and what we must. If just one teacher finds a way to comfort and inspire even one of her students as a result of something we do, then we have done our job as CEE. And we will continue to speak out for justice, fairness and equality for all of our citizens – that is our job as human beings.

Stay safe and strong,

Nan J Morrison
President and CEO
the Council for Economic Education (CEE)

“It is not your job to complete the task,
but neither can you desist from working at it.” (Ethics of the Fathers 2:16)

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