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The Council for Economic Education welcomes all former National Economics Challenge participants, teachers, and coordinators to join the NEC Alumni Network!

The Alumni Network is a place to connect with National Economics Challenge alumni and individuals with similar interests. Visit our “Where Are You Now?” feature from the NEC archives to help reconnect and renew your passion for economics.

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Alumni - Where are you now?

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National Economics Challenge alumni are vital to the growth and longevity of the program. Volunteering is easy and a great way to give back! To volunteer, please visit your State Coordinator Website and contact your State coordinator.

Mentor students and teams

Sign up for our team mentoring program and help a team prepare for the challenge.

Serve as a classroom speaker

We seek alumni professionals as classroom speakers to provide insight into specific careers and professional life in the “real world.”

Share the news

Forward info on upcoming Economics Challenge competitions with co-workers, family, friends–the competition is open to all high school students—and help us get the word out.

Keep us informed

Send us articles that you find in the local newspaper or online publications on your local competition so we can share the news with the alumni family.

Assist with event planning and promotion

Help a local Council or Center coordinate a State Economics Challenge.


Giving to National Economics Challenge allows us to provide program services including professional development, scholarships, lunch, t-shirts, and special programs including inviting guest speakers.

Become a Sponsor

Corporate philanthropy and marketing programs are targeted to meet your organization's specific business goals while promoting economic education with our youth. Please reach out to COO Sally Wood for more info.

Personal Stories and Reflection

The Challenge has proved to be an excellent tool for instilling in students a love of economics and helping them connect economics to the real world around them.

In the words of one 2012 student participant:

“I think this challenge engaged me in a subject that I had pre-determined that I wouldn’t like. I needed to take economics to graduate and ended up being on the Econ team and actually found it really interesting in its various applications to the real world. It is true: economics does relate to everything!”

“I would like to thank you so much for one of the most enriching and exhilarating learning experiences I have ever had in my entire life. All accommodations in New York were absolutely exceptional and I was very honored to take part in the competition at the national level. I passionately push my friends to participate in next year’s challenge because of the great experience I had. Our team is still together having fun over summer with karaoke, eating ice cream, and watching movies.” – Erik Yang, Student, Homestead High School, CA (National finalist student)


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