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Archived tests for the National Economics Challenge

See if you’ve got what it takes to compete in the National Economics Challenge℠ by completing the following sample tests.

Rounds I-III

The following tests are similar to what will be used in Rounds I-III of the National Semi-Finals and Finals competitions. Each test consists of 15, five-option, multiple-choice questions, and participants in the actual competition will have 20 minutes to complete each test. For a more detailed explanation of how the competition works and is scored, visit our participation info page.

David Ricardo Division

Adam Smith Division

Round IV

Round IV of the National Finals is the Critical Thinking round. In 2012, the pilot year for this round, teams had 30 minutes to prepare an economic analysis and a maximum of 10 minutes to present. Following presentation, judges asked questions of the team members for 5-10 minutes. The following are examples of Critical Thinking round questions.