A donation to the Council for Economic Education will supply free lesson plans and activities for teachers, run after-school events, expand our student competitions, provide free professional development for educators, and fund advocacy to make financial and economic literacy a priority in our schools! MAKE A GIFT TODAY

Thank You

Thank you for your support of the Council for Economic Education’s efforts to bring economic and personal financial instruction to K-12 students. We are delighted that you share our commitment to instilling in young people an understanding of the fourth “R” — a real-world understanding of economics and personal finance.

We believe strongly, that it is necessary to provide our young people — who are our future — a grasp of the basic principles of the American economic system and access to the tools to be successful within it – to give them the understanding to make informed choices.

With your contribution, we will continue to train over 55,000 teachers a year to enable them to effectively teach economics and personal finance to K-12 students; continue using technology to support our educators more effectively; develop programs targeting specific segments of our communities – Hispanic Americans, young women, K-5 after-school providers; partner strategically to increase the reach of our mission; and advance our policy agenda around effective classroom teaching and standards.