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Smart X

Programs by CEE

Smart X is a comprehensive program that focuses on engaging entire schools, school districts, and states, to help elevate sound personal finance education as a broader educational priority that extends beyond just one classroom. The program uses the Council for Economic Education’s award-winning Financial Fitness for Life series to integrate financial literacy lessons at all grade levels with an optional capstone course in high school.

Key features include:

  • Professional development for teachers focused on both content and pedagogy, so that they have the knowledge and the ability to make these lessons come alive in the classroom effectively
  • Student lessons which are activity-based and focus on good decision-making within the themes of education, saving, spending, money management, and credit
  • A parent component, allowing teachers to send home lessons that facilitate critical family-based financial education discussions
  • Alignment of lessons to the Common Core in Math and English Language Arts, as well as to standards in financial literacy
  • Nationally-normed pre- and post-test assessments to gauge student learning
  • A sustainable model for ongoing financial literacy education

The Smart X program has been implemented at the state level in Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas. The Tennessee program, which has been active the longest, has reached more than 85,000 students, and pre/post-testing has demonstrated meaningful student achievement gains. Among elementary school students tested, only 10% achieved a benchmark score of 70% on a pre-test; more than 48% achieved that benchmark on a post-test.

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