Entrepreneurship and the Classroom Mini-Economy

Professional Development



  • 03/02/2016
  • 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
  • SIBL Library, 35th and Madison, Manhattan
  • Presenter: Dr. Harlan Day, Purdue University, Indianapolis, Indiana


  • National Center Workshops

GRADES: 6-8, K-5

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Don’t miss this unique workshop, which will teach you how to simulate real-world economic activity in your classroom and foster entrepreneurship. Students pay bills, apply for jobs, operate banks and insurance companies and they learn entrepreneurship by running their own classroom businesses. These activities involve your students in real decision-making and creating thinking—and they are a great motivator!   Not only that, the activities will also help you to manage your classroom!


  • 6 Continuing Education Units
  • Two complimentary resources: Economics and Entrepreneurship: Operating a Classroom Business in the Elementary and Middle School and The Classroom Mini-Economy
  • Additional lessons from EconEdLink.org
  • Lunch provided

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