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Classroom Projects

Jennifer O’Neil from Concord High School on Economics and Entrepreneurship

CEE’s Blog Series on Teaching Techniques delivers teaching ‘best practices’ from practitioners in the field. These K-12 teachers from all over the United States present their proven tactics and techniques that keep their students interested and engaged in learning economics and personal finance concepts and lessons. Part 3 of 8.

Jennifer O’Neil from Concord High School in Wilmington, Delaware, has shown her students that creativity goes hand-in-hand with economics. After finishing the entrepreneurial section of CEE’s publication, Financial Fitness for Life, she divided her class into groups of two or three students and assigned a project — to create never-before-seen product and put it out to market. Her students came up with phenomenal ideas for products and apps and Ms. O’Neil was able to demonstrate the importance of entrepreneurs in helping our economy.

Stay tuned for the next edition of CEE’s new Blog Series, Teaching Techniques: Classroom Innovation on Economic Education on July 30th 2014.

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