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CEE in the News: Moneyland Column

In his Time Moneyland column, Dan Kadlec raises an interesting point about financial education–that too many resources scattered in different places may in fact be overwhelming. Which is why standardization is key–like the Council for Economic Education’s new Financial Literacy Standards that “transcend state borders.” Read the full article here for Dan’s perspective.

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CEE in the News: September Recap

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for CEE in the News!

In an article that ran in newsletter and website, Harvard Business School featured two alumnae, our CEO and President Nan Morrison and COO Sally Wood for their impact in personal finance and economic education.

Click here to read the full article.

Additionally, Nan Morrison penned an op-ed on using the Common Core to teach the lessons of financial literacy that ran in the Huffington Post–click here to read the full article.

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CEE in the News: Common Core Alignment Tool

Summer’s only halfway over, but teachers know that Fall is fast approaching—which means it’s time to start lesson planning.  And with the roll-out of the new Common Core State Standards in practically every state, educators may be spending more time than usual figuring out a plan for the upcoming semester.  Which is why CEE has created the new Common Core Alignment Tool for teachers, an online resource that correlates our economics and personal finance lessons to the Standards—and the media is buzzing about it.


Check out T.H.E. Journal’s article about our new online teacher resource:


And a recommendation from NPR:

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