CEE Affiliate in the News: Econ Illinois Leads Finance STEM Learning Exchange

Econ Illinois, an affiliate of the Council for Economic Education, has been chosen to spearhead the Finance STEM Learning Exchange program in the state of Illinois.

STEM Learning Exchange partnerships coordinate statewide education and industry resources to support local programs of study organized by career clusters.

The Finance Learning Exchange will connect high school students with the proper resources to prepare them for college education and aid in the selection of future careers in the areas of securities and investments, business finance, accounting, insurance and banking.

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Champlain College Center for Financial Literacy Grades the Nation

How much emphasis do you think is placed upon financial literacy in your state?  The Center for Financial Literacy at Champlain College has assigned a grade to each of the 50 states representative of their attempt to provide high school students with basic knowledge of personal finance.
The study was based upon CEE’s Survey of the States, a biennial reports that examines the status of economic education in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. According to the scale used by CFL Champlain College, nearly 60 percent of states earned a ‘C’ or lower with many states only offering finance courses as electives.

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CEE’s CEO Featured in Education Update’s 2013 Women Shaping History

For the past 15 years, Education Update has honored women who achieve extraordinary things throughout their lives. As diverse as these women are, they have a shared value of education, and they care deeply about future generations.

Nan J. Morrison, CEE President & CEO, is one of Education Update’s 2013 Women Shaping History award winners.

Morrison speaks on her inspirations, career challenges and resolutions, accomplishments and future goals.

“I am working to help K-12 children acquire the skills to make informed decisions, think critically about what those decisions entail, and create their own paths to fruitful lives,” said Morrison.

You can read more about Nan J. Morrison and her work in the 2013 March/April issue of Education Update, page 11, available here.

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