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Financial Literacy Education

Wells Fargo’s Longstanding Partnership Helps to Advance the Cause

Wells Fargo is the Presenting Sponsor of the Council for Economic Education’s 56th Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference. 

Teacher-Students-Young-1CEE greatly appreciates Wells Fargo’s continuing partnership and support of our annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference as well as many other programs over the past three decades.

This year, educators will have access to over 100 workshops that will prepare them to integrate personal finance and economics into their classes. One featured curriculum and program is Wells Fargo’s Hands on Banking®.  Hands on Banking provides specialized resources for both individual and classroom learning, all of which are available for free in English and Spanish.

Count on Hands on Banking as a free, financial education program you can use to help students address real-life financial situations!

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Gina Boyd Awarded the 2016 John Morton Excellence in Teaching Award

Gina Head shot pic croppedGina Boyd, a teacher at Mayflower Mill Elementary School, has been awarded the 2016 John Morton Excellence in Teaching Award.

The award recognizes Boyd for her outstanding work in teaching economics and financial literacy to her students. It also recognizes her efforts in organizing after-school workshops for other teachers so they could learn how to incorporate economics into their own course work. With her work in and out of the classroom, Gina Boyd has demonstrated her commitment to raising the bar for economics and financial literacy education. She will receive her well-deserved reward at the Financial Literacy and Economic Education conference on Oct. 7 in Phoenix.

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Teachers on Financial Fitness for Life

Tried and tested, Financial Fitness for Life® (FFFL) is the ideal personal finance curriculum for all teachers.

Stacia Reeves from Rincon High School in Arizona says, “Students don’t realize they’re incorporating economics when they are doing these activities, but they’re all jazzed when they come back the next day and realize something they did in their life was applicable to something that we did in the classroom.” With user generated course content, FFFL’s comprehensive lesson plans guides teachers through the course, making it easy to follow, especially for those that may not be well-versed in teaching economics.

What makes FFFL perfect for students is how applicable each lesson is. CEE has made each lesson a preparation for life beyond the classroom, measuring the learning by four themes of personal finance: earning an income, saving, spending and credit, and money management. Even with these four comprehensive themes that align to the Common Core State Standards, students and teachers have still found the lessons engaging. Lynda Motriam from Old Mill High School attests to the originality of the student and teacher guides, saying “FFFL gives you a chance to teach financial concepts in a very inventive way. That’s one of the things that is consistent with CEE materials…they put a fresh spin on it.”

The streamlined lesson content, updated information, and fresh online resources on these new lessons keeps K-12 students excited about learning personal finance skills in and out of the classroom while keeping teachers ready too. Make sure to check out what these fantastic teachers have to say after using the Financial Fitness for Life® textbook series in their own K–12 classrooms.

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