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Jean McKnight from Cienega High School, Arizona on Tech for Teachers

CEE’s new Blog Series on Teaching Techniques delivers teaching ‘best practices’ from practitioners in the field. These K-12 teachers from all over the United States present their proven tactics and techniques that keep their students interested and engaged in learning economics and personal finance concepts and lessons. Part 1 of 8.

Jean McKnight from Cienega High School in Tuscon, Arizona, has discovered that her freshman class, armed with laptops in hand, is more likely to be engaged in learning if they can combine learning with being on the computer. Apps, websites, and videos bring economic concepts to light for her high school students and spark a love of learning that wasn’t there before.

Also of interest… check out “Tech for Teachers” presentation by CEE’s Director of Educational Technology, John LeFeber found on EconEdLink, here.

Stay tuned for the next edition of CEE’s new Blog Series, Teaching Techniques: Classroom Innovation on Economic Education on July 16th, 2014.

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Gen i Revolution Online Games Now Optimized for the iPad and Other Tablet Devices

Gen i Revolution goes mobile

If you or your students have played our online investing game Gen i Revolution, or the two newest additions to the suite, Beyond the Mission and Murktide Invasion, you know how much fun and engaging they can be. Now, in collaboration with H&R Block Dollars & Sense, we’ve optimized the original Gen i Revolution for tablet devices, and made it available to play on Facebook–meaning you can play the entire Gen i Revolution suite of games anytime and anywhere!

These interactive games are using social and digital media to teach students about saving and investing. With Facebook integration and tablet compatibility, the online games, designed for grades 9-12, make it easier than ever for students to engage with personal finance concepts a beyond the classroom.

Visit to play the full suite of games. Or play on Facebook at

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CEE in the News: Moneyland Column

In his Time Moneyland column, Dan Kadlec raises an interesting point about financial education–that too many resources scattered in different places may in fact be overwhelming. Which is why standardization is key–like the Council for Economic Education’s new Financial Literacy Standards that “transcend state borders.” Read the full article here for Dan’s perspective.

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