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Are High School Seniors Prepared for Life After Graduation?

discover_pfs_final_logoBy Leslie Sutton, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Discover

April’s designation as national financial literacy month is significant because it brings necessary attention to the fact that so many Americans today lack the training to manage their personal finances effectively. Discover is committed to addressing that and has been working with CEE to help students.

Our financial education program, Pathway to Financial Success, has helped bring related curriculum into more than 200 schools public high schools across the country since 2012. But more remains to be done. In two months, many students will be graduating. The question is: Are they prepared? Do they have the skills necessary to succeed? Read more…

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CEE’s Classroom Mini-Economy Teachers 4th Graders How to Pay the Bills and Have Fun

Kate O’Hagan, a 4th grade teacher in Brooklyn, NY, uses CEE’s ‘Classroom Mini-Economy’ to teach real-world lessons in her class.

The United Federation of Teachers wrote a great article about Kate and her class, “Although they’re having fun, these children at PS 97 in Brooklyn are learning the serious business of being a grown-up in the Classroom Mini-Economy project, which O’Hagan began this past September after taking a free professional development unit on it at the Council for Economic Education in Manhattan.” Read more…

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Teaching Opportunity – January 2013

In this issue:

  • SUBMIT A PROPOSAL to the 2013 Annual Conference
  • Essay and classroom materials: Choices Are Everywhere: Why Can’t We Just Have It All?
  • Awesome Island flash cards: Teach basic personal finance concepts
  • Win a free Learning, Earning and Investing teacher resource from H&R Block
  • Join the revolution and help fight financial illiteracy!
  • Free professional development opportunities nationwide
  • Using the Compound Interest Calculator with students

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CEE Report – Winter 2013

Download the Winter 2013 CEE Report

Three times a year the Council for Economic Education releases the CEE Report, highlighting our new and noteworthy events, programs and partnerships, including pilot programs and joint ventures with key supporters.

“Too often, young people fall into financial trouble because they don’t take the time to understand basic economics or the ramifications of a financial agreement. Credit cards, car loans and home mortgages are great tools when used wisely, but the recent housing crisis is an example of what can go wrong when consumers make uninformed decisions. By supporting early and ongoing economic and financial literacy, we can help our young people secure a sound financial future.”

– Mel Martinez, Chairman of the Southeast & Latin America, JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Chairman, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, at the 2012 Visionary Awards

In This Issue

Upcoming Events
2012 Visionary Awards
Note from Nan
EconomicsPennsylvania Engages Students in Entrepreneurial Experiences
51st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference
2012 Accomplishments
CEE Integrates Personal Finance Concepts into Classroom Curriculum
Never Too Young: Personal Finance for K–5 After-School
CEE ’s Advocacy Toolkit
Gen i Revolution Goes Mobile: CEE Partners with H&R Block
CEE Launches Interactive Survey of the States
Free Webinars for K–12 Educators
CEE Asked Students ‘What Should the Next President Do to Improve the Economy?’

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Teaching Opportunity – September 2012

In This Issue:

  • Enter the Election Video Contest to Win $500!
  • Free Lessons and Webinar: The Economics of Elections
  • October 5-6: 51st Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference
  • Featured Resource: Advanced Placement Economics
  • Teaching the News: Trade Gap in U.S. Widens as Exports Start to Wane: Economy
  • Free Professional Development
  • Join GATE

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