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What the Teachers and Coaches Say

Vann W. Prime

Mt. Hebron High School, Maryland
Economics Challenge Coach

Competing in the National Economics Challenge over the last decade has greatly enhanced my teaching of, and my students’ engagement with, economics. Every year, several dozen students compete to earn a treasured position on our starting teams in both the Adam Smith and David Ricardo divisions. While having fun and building camaraderie, the students expand and deepen their knowledge of and love for economics. The National Economics Challenge has been one of the most effective tools we have had in building one of our state’s top economics programs.

Samuel Lepler

The Harker School, California
Economics Challenge Coach

The National Economics Challenge is a tremendous tool for exciting students to not only master the regular and AP economics curriculum, but to explore a wider array of knowledge and theories often more suited for a university economics major rather than a high school student. Not only does the Challenge offer a fun way to use economics in an engaging domain, but it also gives the students the opportunity to meet other students excited by economics from around the state, or possibly the nation through the states and national competition levels. The two divisions (Smtih for AP/Honors/etc, Ricardo for Regular) provide a fair and balanced playing field that engages learners at all levels! I am SO thankful for the tireless efforts that the various state and national economic education councils put in to making this amazing opportunity for my students!

Michelle Foutz

Carmel High School, Indiana
Economics Challenge Coach

I would love to introduce the National Economics Challenge to all of my students. After participating in this competition, my students have a much greater appreciation for learning economics, and they have more confidence in themselves and in what they can accomplish. From time to time, I receive messages from former Economics Challenge participants about how much they enjoyed the competition, and how it impacted their focus of study in college and their future career path. I can’t say enough about the benefits of this competition, and the positive impact on my kids. And, when I see how interested in economics my students have become, it renews my own enthusiasm for teaching economics.

Phil Peters

Gahanna Lincoln High School, Ohio
Economics Challenge Coach

I have led an Econonomic Challenge Team from Gahanna Lincoln High since 2004. The Challenge has given me an opportunity to provide extended learning and reinforcement beyond the semester course that I teach. Students have enjoyed the extra encounter with the subject matter and it has created an opportunity for academic incentive and recognition that does not normally occur in the general education setting. It has also been rewarding for me to work in a small group setting with a different group of students every year. I enjoy getting to know the students better and being with them in the team setting.

Richie Kibota

Iolani School, Hawaii
Economics Challenge Coach

I’ve had my teams participate in the National Economics Challenge for the past 14 years because of the impact it has had on their lives. The contest has generated an interest and passion in economics for my students. It has given them confidence in their knowledge and understanding of economic thinking. It has been an impetus into my students majoring or minoring in economics in college. After seeing my students years later, they remind me that participating in the economics challenge provided them with an experience that they would never forget. Being in an environment with the top economics students in the country made the hard work that they put in worth it.

Tim Prosen

Cloquet High School, Minnesota
Economics Challenge Coach

I really have enjoyed the Economic challenge competitions from the perspective of a teacher because as an athletic coach, I value competition. Competition makes us all work harder, set goals, and work hard to achieve those goals. I have really enjoyed working with our students here in Cloquet watching them set goals, work harder, and work to achieve their academic goals competing in economics. I know these competitions have inspired my students to consider economics as a major in future studies and has made some lifelong.

Ted Hartsoe

Choate Rosemary Hall, Connecticut
Economics Challenge Coach

I have continued to participate in the Economic Challenge because my students have had a good experience participating, and the new students each year want to follow in the footsteps of the previous students who have competed and done well in the competition. In this way, the Economic Challenge motivates my students to study economics. To do well in the competition, the students know they need to go beyond the textbook— to learn how to apply the theory to different types of problems and to current events.
Thanks for sponsoring and organizing the Economic Challenge!

Michael Cahill

Souderton Area High School, Pennsylvania
Economics Challenge Coach

As a teacher of Economics I absolutely LOVE the Economics Challenge. I was hooked the first time I entered teams back in 2005. The representatives at Economics PA informed me of the Challenge. I had been teaching Economics for years but had just started teaching Advanced Placement Economics. I wanted to enter and hopefully network with other teachers to gauge my level of effectiveness. One of my AP teams (Adam Smith) finished 3rd in the state that first year. I took one David Ricardo team as well, and to my surprise they WON! Since then my David Ricardo teams have been State Champions six times in the past eleven years. We have been to Nationals three times and each trip was very memorable. The Challenge is great for preparing students for the AP exams and college in general. And I absolutely love when my students discover they are some of the finest economic students in the entire country. The Challenge has influenced several of them to go on to major in Economics. Thank you CEE!

Brian A. LeTourneau

Olympia High School, Washington
Economics Challenge Coach

As a teacher the Economics Challenge is a huge motivator both for me and my students. The competition encourages me to teach my students more.  It encourages them to study and learn more. This knowledge of basic economics is important in itself, but much of the world of politics and business becomes incomprehensible without it. Unfortunately too many American students are not getting any or adequate instruction in economics.

Angela Sanders

Ocean Springs High School, Mississippi
Economics Challenge Coach

The Economic Challenge is one of the best learning tools available to an AP Economic teacher. First, it fosters group effort which is a valuable way to review material covered in class. Secondly, the incentive factor of a competition and the hope for financial reward is a great motivator. Finally, the challenge allows students to see strength in students who may not be as verbal in class and helps them to discover that “talent” comes in all shapes and sizes.