National Center for Economic and Financial Education

Focus of National Center

The mission of the National Center for Economic and Financial Education is to advance the growth, service, and recognition of K-12 educators in the New York metropolitan area as they develop economic and financial literacy. The core focus includes:

  • In-person and online professional development opportunities for educators led by professors and master teachers
  • Hands-on active learning resources
  • Customizable programs for schools and districts
  • Networking with community peers

Benefits of Teacher Training

The National Center offers free in-person and online workshops led by local and national experts. Workshops demonstrate how to integrate economics and personal finance into math, science, and social studies classes as well as the elementary curriculum. Workshop attendees:

  • Exchange successful tips and techniques with their peers
  • Receive free publications, lessons and other resources
  • Earn continuing education units

Current Workshops Upcoming workshops being offered by the National Center are listed below.  For more information about the National Center for Economic and Financial Education’s activities, please call 212-730-6728 or email

  • NCSS’s C3 Frameworks: Integrating Economics and U.S. History

    May 15, 2015
    Continuing Education Units: 6

    With the economy dominating the news, now is the perfect time to equip yourself with the knowledge and curriculum materials to help your high school students better understand U.S. History through the lens of economics.


  • High School Economics-Introduction to the Revised Edition

    May 15, 2015
    Continuing Education Units: 6

    This workshop will show you how to engage your students by exploring economic concepts through real-world applications, including simulating a cocoa market, deciding where to locate a factory, and conducting an employment survey.


  • Entrepreneurship and the Classroom Mini-Economy

    May 29, 2015
    Continuing Education Units: 6

    Students pay bills, apply for jobs, operate banks and insurance companies and they learn entrepreneurship by running their own classroom businesses. These activities involve your students in real decision-making and creating thinking—and they are a great motivator!


  • K thru 2 Can Do! Math and Economics

    June 3, 2015
    Continuing Education Units: 3

    Your young students can improve their math skills while learning basic economic concepts such as choice, scarcity, goods and services, barter, and specialization.


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