Financial Literacy Month

At CEE, every month is Financial Literacy Month, but we’re happy there’s a dedicated month for the rest of the country to celebrate! This April, we have ideas for you on how you can celebrate Financial Literacy Month, whether you’re a teacher, a student, or just want to get financially savvy!

For Teachers

Personal Finance Bootcamp

April 4th 9:00 a.m. ET to 4:00 p.m. ET

Kick off the month at our free bootcamp where you’ll get expert training on teaching earning income, saving, budgeting and related subtopics. Our instructors will provide resources, strategies and sample lessons for teaching these concepts in a synchronous or asynchronous setting.

Register here for free

Engaging Lesson Plans in 6 Areas of Knowledge

Come to Twitter and Facebook, to discover free lesson plans on the most important concepts of personal finance from our free teacher resource, EconEdLink. We offer lessons for elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. Here’s our schedule by topic:

Week of April 3: Earning Income
Week of April 10: Saving and Investing 
Week of April 17: Spending and Budgeting 
Week of April 24:  Managing Credit and Risk 

Check in every week!

For Students

Interactive Personal Finance Question of the Day

Check out CEE’s Instagram story everyday in April for our personal finance quiz. You’ll be a personal finance wiz by the end of the month!

Advocacy Toolkits

If your state is missing a personal finance requirement as part of your curriculum, we want to help! We have resources created just for students to help make sure you reach the right people and make sure your voices are heard. See our latest advocacy efforts on Twitter.

Weekly Podcast Recommendations

CEE’s Instagram will feature weekly podcast recommendations to expand your personal finance knowledge outside the classroom! So far, we’ve featured The Money with Katie Show and the Smart Money Podcast.

Weekly Book Recommendations

Invest in Girls‘ Instagram will feature weekly book recommendations throughout the month to reach all levels of learners. So far, we’ve featured How to Money and Get Good with Money, and The Money Manual.

Invest in Girls Financial Foundations Classes

Invest in Girls wants you to feel confident about money matters! IIG offers courses tailored to teen girls that teach you the basics of personal finance, how to invest money, how to build your professional skills, and teach you about career opportunities in finance. Each course takes place online after school and is free to attend. See all courses here.

National Personal Finance Practice Case Study

Students who are signed up to compete in the National Personal Finance Challenge can use this as an opportunity to practice their case study skills before finals. Students will prepare a practice case study and volunteer judges will hear their presentations and give constructive feedback on their presentation based on a rubric and NPFC scoring guidelines.

We are offering this opportunity on April 13, April 19, and April 26. Click the date that works for you to register.

For Families

Family Fun Night

Family Financial Fun Packs

CEE’s Family-At-Home Financial Fun Pack is a curated set of materials well suited for families to enjoy on their own. Click here to explore family activities, games, worksheets, and suggested books for children or adults. 

Advocacy Toolkits

We need your help! If your state is missing a personal finance requirement, use these resources to find your voice and join our action network.

How are you celebrating?

Share your Financial Literacy Month plans with us on social by using the hashtag #FinLitMonth

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