Personal Finance Programs for Families

Financial Knowledge is for Everyone

Learning new concepts and reinforcing good financial habits at home, together, is a powerful thing. At CEE, we want to help families become financially savvy together.  

See our activities to help children acquire the tools to live a life of opportunity—while having some fun along the way. 

Family Financial Fun Pack 

This Family-At-Home Financial Fun Pack is a curated set of materials well suited for families to enjoy on their own. Explore family activities, games, worksheets, and suggested books for children or adults.   

In-Person Activities

Family Financial Fun Nights 

Hosted at schools around the country, these nights offer activities that the entire family can enjoy. Interested in having an event at a school you know?

Check out student programs

High school students gain knowledge and practical experience through our National Economics and Personal Finance Challenges, and Invest in Girls programs.