Careers at CEE  

Join CEE to contribute to the financial wellness of the next generation.

At CEE, people come first.

The happiness and wellbeing of our staff is vital to us. We champion collaboration, and we trust and respect the knowledge and voices of our employees. CEE is dedicated to further the career and professional development of its staff. We’re united in our pursuit of financial and economic education, so that the next generation can have a brighter financial future.

“I previously worked in criminal and education reform and wanted to pivot my career to work in preventative work after seeing the impacts of the lack of financial literacy. This is the only organization I’ve found that is effectively working on making sure that kids and families around the country are receiving the education to prevent many issues they might face later in life without this kind of education.” 

Erin Herald

Erin Heald

Program Manager

“I love working at CEE because everyone is so passionate, supportive and encouraging and are always willing to jump in and offer help when needed. The culture is also amazing with leadership wanting the staff to be the best versions of themselves both professionally and personally and we are encouraged to think outside the box and be creative and try new things.” 

Melissa Higgins

Melissa Higgins

Manager, Events Planning and Coordination

CEE’s Values


We work openly and easily with each other, our clients and our users.


We do what we say we will and expect truthfulness.


We collaborate to advance our mission and unlock varied insights. We enjoy working together.


We share our goals, strategies, successes and challenges openly and proactively with one another.


Our team is as diverse as the broader workforce. We respect and value each other as people and for their perspectives.

Respect for the Individual

We listen to one another and foster open communication. We strive to show appreciation for the efforts of our employees which contributes to a positive work environment.

Who We Are

CEE’s employees are:


Considering problems from multiple angles, seeking new solutions, searching for new partnerships, planning ahead—it’s all necessary to effectively expand our programs.


Committing fully to one’s role and taking ownership of one’s work leads to excellence. Our teammates know they can count on each other. 


The ability to prioritize projects, manage time, and juggle multiple things is essential. This kind of autonomy is respected and expected. 


Collaboration isn’t just a value of ours, it’s how we continue delivering world-class resources and creating a friendly work environment. 


CEE’s culture is driven by our values: trust, integrity, respect for the individual, teamwork, inclusivity and transparency.  These values serve as guiding principles for how we work with each other from which all else follows. CEE’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is demonstrated in both the programs delivered to students and educators of all backgrounds and in the diverse staff at CEE. We celebrate the diversity of our team by leveraging their perspectives through engagement, respect, and a spirit of belonging. The innovation which is attained from purposefully fostering inclusion helps us to remain relevant and to drive the organization sustainably into the future.