CEE's History Timeline

2024 brings excitement as we celebrate our 75th anniversary. Our mission is enduring – there is always a next generation of students to support in building lives of stability and mobility using the tools and knowledge they gain from CEE. See how far we’ve come in the past 75 years.

CEE Founded

Council on Economic Education (CEE) founded to train teachers and integrate economic education in school curriculums across the nation.  

First Board Chairman

Dr. G. Derwood Baker named chairman of the board

First State Council

First state council for economic education established in Massachusetts. 

New Board Chairman

Walter D. Cocking named as the second board chairman. 

Leadership Changes

Dr. Baker named first director of JCEE, Dr. Moe L. Frankel named associate director. William Jansen, the Superintendent of NYCS named Chairman of the board.

First Partnership

American Economic Association Formally Affiliates with JCEE.

New Director

Dr. Moe L. Frankel Named Director of JCEE

Firststrip Series

Firststrip Series: Our Growing America (Lawrence Senech)

First Center Founded

First university-based center for economic education at the University of Illinois. 

First Task Force Report Authored

CEE authored Task Force Report on Economic Education in the Schools 

First Teacher Awards

The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc establishes the first teacher awards program through JCEE.

New Board Chairman

Dr. James E. Allen, NYS Commissioner, named chairman of the board. 

Expanded Access to PD

JCEE develops the American Economy television series to allow teachers to take television courses for credit. 

Survey Finds 22 States with Econ Requirements

JCEE survey finds that 22 states have established requirements for economics in the social studies curriculum.

New Board Chairman

JCEE elects Martin Essex, Superintendent of Schools in Akron, Ohio as the chairman of the board.

Publishes Test of Economic Understanding

JCEE publishes the Test of Economic Understanding. 

Initiates DEEP

JCEE initiates Developmental Economic Education Project (DEEP).

New President & Director

Dr. Moe Frankel is appointed President and Director of JCEE.

New Board Chairman

Economist Louis Webster Jones elected Chairman of JCEE Board.

New Board Chairman

Marvin Bower, Director of McKinsey & Company, elected chairman of the JCEE Board. 

Summer Workshops Increase in Number

JCEE affiliates run 73 summer workshops.

JCEE Grows

JCEE leads 45 affiliated councils in 34 states. 53 centers for economic education are based in colleges & universities.

Publishes TUCE

JCEE publishes the Test of Understanding in College Economics (TUCE).

JCEE Award Winning Film Viewed by 6.5 M People

"Economic Education: A Part of the Main," an award-winning film based on the JCEE's program, is viewed by 6.5 million people. 

First National Meeting

The first national meeting of the center directors is held. 

State Councils Expanded Operations

State Councils on Economic Education operate in all 50 states. 

Supports the Journal of Economic Education

The Journal of Economic Education is established with support from JCEE and the American Economic Association. 

EEL Launched

EconEdLink, an interactive economic education site, launched— now reaching over 1.2 million unique users a year. 

First SOS Published

Survey of the States published to give a detailed account of the realities of economic education and better inform advocacy efforts and state legislators. 

First NEC Hosted

First National Economics Challenge – now over 10,000 students participate. 


Nan J. Morrison named as CEO of the Council for Economic Education. 

IIG Merges with CEE

In 2019, IIG became a program of CEE to access CEE’s national network. IIG was born in 2010 when a student intern from Milton academy told Dune Thorne she wanted to have the kind of financial knowledge she was seeing at work taught in high school.  Piloted at Milton, IIG expanded to a few other private schools where donors would fund the program.  In 2013, IIG started as a 501c3. It continued to expand in Baltimore and New York with a wider variety of school. In 2017, IIG began to look at how it could go national and started speaking to Nan Morrison at CEE.

FinEd50 Launched

CEE, in partnership with Visa, launched FinEd50, an initiative that advocates for positive change in education policy at the state level. 

CEE Celebrates 75 Years

CEE celebrates 75 years of leadership in training teachers in economics and personal finance education, reaching 5 million students annually.