CEE's History Timeline

Our mission is enduring – there is always a next generation of students to support in building lives of stability and mobility using the tools and knowledge they gain from CEE. See how far we’ve come in the past 75 years.

CEE Founded

CEE, originally named the Joint Council for Economic Education, is founded to train teachers and integrate economic education in school curriculums across the nation.  

First State Council

First state council for economic education is established in Massachusetts. 

First Partnership

American Economic Association affiliates with CEE.

First University Center Founded

CEE's first university-based center for the study of economic education is founded at the University of Illinois. 

First Task Force Report

CEE authors Task Force Report on Economic Education in the Schools 

First Teacher Awards

The Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation, Inc. establishes the first teacher awards program through CEE.

First Economic Education Conference

The Education Conference, today expanded to be the Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference, is in its 63rd year! Come join us this September in Cleveland, OH. 

CEE is on TV

CEE develops the American Economy television series to educate teachers at home. American Economy is shown on over 241 television stations across the country.

Publishes Nationally-Normed Economics Test

CEE publishes the Test of Economic Understanding or TUCE, a standardized test of economics nationally norm-referenced for use at the undergraduate level, primarily targeting introductory or principles-level coursework in economics.

CEE Goes DEEP: Connects to Schools

CEE initiates Developmental Economic Education Project (DEEP), connecting K-12 schools with university-based economics centers to improve K-12 economic education. 

Summer Workshops Explode in Number

CEE affiliates run 73 workshops in one summer.

CEE Award-Winning Film Viewed by 6.5 Million People

"Economic Education: A Part of the Main," an award-winning film based on the CEE's program, is viewed by 6.5 million people.

First National Meeting

The first national meeting of the center directors is held. 

Journal of Economic Education is Established

The Journal of Economic Education is established with support from CEE and the American Economic Association. 

Corporate Support for Teacher Awards

International Paper Company Foundation begins support of the National Awards for Teaching Economics.

New National Partnerships

CEE formally affiliates with American Association of College Teacher Education, the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business, the American Economic Association of Collegiate Schools and the eight professional groups within the National Education Association of Collegiate Schools.

Establishes Teaching Framework

CEE publishes a framework for teaching economics. 

Releases Video "Trade-Offs"

CEE in partnership with the Agency for Instructional Technology (AIT) and the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE), releases "Trade-Offs," hosted by Gene Shalit, the first national video program for elementary students on economics.

CEE's Reach Expands

CEE's 550 DEEP systems enroll over 9.5 million students. An estimated 33,000 teachers attend network-sponsored in-service programs.

Publishes New Teaching Strategies

CEE publishes new teaching strategies for high school economics courses and teaching strategies for consumer economics. 

CEE's Reach Expands

State councils on economic education operate in all 50 states with 272 centers for economic education. 

CEE Releases Computer Program for Teaching Econ

Income/Outcomes is launched, CEE's first national computer program for teaching economics.

First AP Econ Publication

CEE publishes its first Advanced Placement Economics course materials. 

Increases Access for At-Risk Students

The Choices & Changes initiative was created with primary support from the Ford Foundation and the Sears-Roebuck Foundation. This four-part program aims to show at-risk students that they possess the capability to make positive decisions.


The JCEE changes its name to the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE).

Virtual Economics CD-ROM

Funding from the National Science Foundation, CEE and the Nebraska Council on Economic Education helps develop "Virtual Economics," a CD-ROM containing teacher resources for economic education.

Economics Included in Federal Goals 2000

Economics is included in the Federal Goals 2000.

CEE Goes International

CEE receives a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education for its international program training the countries of the former Soviet Union, Central, and Eastern Europe.

EconEdLink Launched

EconEdLink, an interactive economic education site, launched—now reaching half a million unique users a year. 

National Content Standards in Economics Issued

Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics lays out content and skills critical for a young person to know by grade level.

First Survey of the States

CEE launches the Survey of the States to field and publish a detailed account of the current state of economic education in the U.S. and better inform advocacy efforts.

First National Economics Challenge

CEE hosts the first National Economics Challenge with 1,400 participants – today, over 8,000 students participate each year.

CEE Publishes Financial Fitness for Life

CEE publishes the first edition of Financial Fitness for Life, a personal finance publication that helps teachers prepare students for life beyond the classroom by presenting materials based on real-world concepts in a way that reinforces learning through practice.

First Personal Finance Challenge

Originally created by the Missouri Council on Economic Education, the Nebraska Council on Economic Education and CEE partnered to expand the Challenge. Today, the National Personal Finance Challenge has over 15,000 students participate from over 30 states.

NCEE Renamed CEE

The NCEE changes its name to the Council for Economic Education (CEE).

Nan J. Morrison named CEO

Nan J. Morrison named CEO of the Council for Economic Education.

Barry Haimes named Board Chair

Barry Haimes, Managing Partner at Sage Asset Management, serves as Board Chair 2011-2021.

Invest in Girls Merges with CEE

Invest in Girls (IIG) becomes a program of CEE to access CEE’s national network. Founded in 2010 and piloted in Boston, today IIG is offered nationwide.

CEE Releases Family-At-Home Financial Fun Pack

In response to Covid-19, CEE creates the Family-At-Home Financial Fun Pack, a curated set of materials for K-12 students and their families to learn personal finance from home.

Rebecca Patterson Named Board Chair

Rebecca Patterson, chief investment strategist at Bridgewater Associates, named as the new board chairperson.

Unified Set of Standards for Personal Financial Education Issued

CEE and the Jump$tart join together to issue a unified set of national standards to promote effective, comprehensive financial education for K-12 students. 

CEE Rebrands

CEE launches new brand architecture to communicate CEE's full offerings in a simple structure. 

FinEd50 Launches

CEE, in partnership with Visa, launches FinEd50, an initiative that advocates for positive change in personal finance education policy at the state level. 

CEE Celebrates 75 Years

CEE celebrates 75 years of leadership in training teachers in economics and personal finance education, reaching over 5 million students annually. 

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